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Entron honors deep collaboration and partnership to extend our capability and beyond.

Years of hard works support us to become camera supplier for Nvidia latest automotive platform
"https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/self-driving-cars/partners/", (“Sensor” session)

Entron’s flagship camera portfolio (industrial 1st 4K automotive camera F008/AR0820 and F009/AR0823, F003/AR0233) becomes default camera choices for Nvidia Drive Platform (state of art FalconView® clarity from 28 to >200 degree FOV coverage), all ready to serve your endeavor. More details please see:
"Entron camera portfolio for Nvidia platform"

ONSemi, Maxim, LCE inside
Based on close partnership with OSRAM, Entron also achieved one of the most uniform and brightest infrared lighting source for driver monitoring system
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