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FalconView®, Vision Like a Falcon
We believe integration of semiconductor CMOS imaging sensor with art of optics shall create fine camera system with much superior system performance. FalconView® Technology thus is formed by deliberate engineering and optimization of electronics, optics, mechanics to achieve our ultimate goal of performance advantages. We are open to work with industry leading players to extend our technology beyond visible light spectrum. Innovating or serving innovation are both critical in our view of technology.
  • Imaging Quality
  • Toughness and Stability
Entron committed to develop products to exceed application expectations to provide our value added services to our partners and customers. Imaging products in particular need address following performance areas:

Sharpness: extend detection boundary. Our optics design and manufacturing secure MTF consistently higher than mega pixel sensor to achieve maximized detection range for camera. This in turn gain additional computing time for safety driving algorithm.

Sensitivity: improve low light detection limit. Camera ultimately function as photon to electrical signal conversion devices. Capturing environment light and convert it to useful electrical signal with higher efficiency require whole camera design considerations instead of pure sensor sensitivity optimization.

RI and shading: reduce uniformity correction burden and improve sensitivity. Relative illumination (RI) improvements not only enable more computing power allocated to safety driving algorithm, it could drastically incident light capturing to improve camera overall sensitivity.

HDR: HDR: rendering more detailed ambient contents under drastic higher light contrast scene. Imaging products for automotive application must resolve and deliver detailed dark to bright contents for outdoor scene. Camera HDR performance gap can easily be differentiated when direct sunshine, vehicle beam light involved, this is the bar we set for HDR, no compromise.

Artifact control:

      Ghost: minimum.

      Flare: minimum.

      Chromatic aberration: enable camera achieve better resolution in particular at edge areas.

      Distortion: more uniformed distortion profile across the scene.



HDR Have sun shine to benchmark
Ghost/Flare control
UV exposure:

Think how your plastic gadgets looks like when they are placed under windshield. Now think what would happen if camera serving safety driving function may have polymer material based optics inside? Not acceptable indeed.

Automotive applications expect higher system endurance covers tough outdoor environments. When life matters, it is Entron’s fundamental believe to continuously improve our product quality.

UV Light exposure   Original
UV exposure (Tri-valley, California, USA)
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