- What's Up -
•  2022 Changchun, China
Entered into join venture partnership with FAWAY/FAW and LCE, major milestone and breakthrough, officially start our system endeavor.
•  2022 Santa Clara, USA
Successfully brought up advanced 8MP and 3MP camera for Nvidia Orion system.
•  2021 Shanghai, China
Successfully raised A round of investments to further support company expansion for production line, imaging processing, system development, and data services.
•  2020 Guangdong, China
Mass production of E-Mirror for FAW H9 luxury sedan.
•  2020 San Diego, USA
Successfully launched 8MP camera (GEO Semi imaging processor inside) for Qualcomm Snapdragon platform.
•  2019 Shanghai/Guangdong, China
Automotive IATF16949 qualified.
•  2018 Silicon Valley, USA
Designated portfolio camera supplier for Nvidia Drive Pegasus System.
Entron’s flagship camera portfolio (industrial 1st 4K automotive camera F008/AR0820, starry night sensitive F002/AR0220, and S004/AR0138) becomes Nvidia Drive AGX Pegasus’ default platform camera choices, along with F001/AR0231, F003/AR0233 (state of art FalconView® clarity from 28 to >200 degree FOV coverage), all ready to serve your endeavor. More to come, stay tuned…
•  2018 CES, Las Vegas, USA
Invited by OSRAM, introduced industry brightest drive monitoring system.
•  2017 CES, Las Vegas, USA
Invited by ONSemi, F001 officially introduced to the industry.
•  2016 Electronica, Munich, Germany
Demo S002 surround view camera with ONSemi.
Entron choose low profile business practices. We’d focus our energy on continuous self-improvements and humbly serve excellent customers in industry.
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