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Reflecting automotive industry’s appetite for artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerated integration of high performance sensing technology, we fundamentally believe the industry shall demand brand new imaging sensing products and services with state of art technology refresh.

Entron Technology was founded in 2015 by members who devoted their whole career at semiconductor and optical industry. With close direct access of global leading semiconductor and optics technology providers, Entron committed to develop leading performance imaging products to serve our partners and customers. We equally open to global players to partner and provide our humble services when opportunity emerged.

Technology innovation often rooted from cross industry overlap. Entron honors deep collaboration and partnership to extend our capability to break existing boundary limitations. Entron is actively engaging and collaborating with global top OEMs, Tier1, along with leading automotive and industrial providers of algorithm, platform, sensor, imaging processing, optics, high speed data transmission controller, cable…

We appreciate industry’s recognition regardless the fact of our relatively short company history. Entron feels confident to commit to what we believe, and serve our partners, customers with our focused expertise. We explore our future , together and propel our success.

Entron Technology locates at Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Park. Shanghai recently emerges as automotive and financial industry harbor, it has long history of brand-name products outputs with high quality and performance, we believe this location DNA shall form a solid industry foundation to support future growth of Entron.
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