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Bring Intelligent Sensing Behind Mirror


EES004 is a high-performance E-mirror system that leverages strong computing power, cutting-edge application technology and expert user experience design. It has strong scalability and delivers diverse panoramic experiences for end-users. EES004 has the functions of driver fatigue detection,driver dangerous action detection and distraction detection, with a high recognition success rate. Furthermore, it has an anti-glare EC mirror function. EES004 comprises high-performance Soc Renesas V3H2,1.5 MP DMS camera,IR-LED light and other devices to cater to an array of automotive applications.




• ARM CA53 1 GHz,ARM CR7 800 MHz Soc

• LPDDR4 16Gbit,EMMC 256Gbit

• 1.5MP DMS Camera,support 1124*1364 resolution,30fps(default 15fps)

• 1.5MP (1124*1364) resolution, 2.61 um pixel size, 1/4-inch image sensor

• Hidden DMS

• DMS system and E-mirror system perfect integration, low cost, fewer parts

• IR-LED synchronizing output

• EC mirror supports automatic anti-glare function

• Support driver fatigue detection, dangerous action detection and distraction detection

• Supports CAN communication interface

• Power consumption 12W

• DC 12V vehicle power compatible




• E-mirror

• Driver monitor system

• In-cabin monitor system