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ECU003 Orion

Safety Sensing & Cybersecurity Controller


ECU003 is a high-performance AI-enabled automotive controller that relies on strong computing power, combined with advanced application technology and expert user experience design. It has strong scalability and delivers diverse panoramic experiences for end-users.The product comprises high-performance SOC Renesas V3H2, serdes and memory, along with ample input and output interfaces to cater to an array of automotive,industrial, biomedical, and aerospace applications.




• 4x ARM Cortex A53: 9.2kDMIPS, Dual Cortex R7: 2kDMIPS 

• 3.7 TOPS: CNN IP, m-thread CV eng

• Support ADAS camera (2x8MP 30fps)

• Support AVM camera(4x2MP 30fps)

• Support DMS/OMS camera(5MP 30fps)

• Support E-Mirror/Rear View camera(3MP 60fps, LVDS display)

• Support CMS camera(2x3MP 60fps, LVDS display)

• Support Radar Fusion (Interface CAN BUS and IO) 

• Support Lidar Fusion (Interface Automotive 100 AVB Ethernet)

• 2GB LPDDR4, 32GB EMMC5.1

• Linux (Core A) and FreeRTOS (core R)

• 9-16V vehicle power compatible

• ESD supported





• Smart machine-vision camera

• Sensor Fusion of imaging, radar, lidar

• Object identification and tracking

• Robotics, Industrial

• ASILB & Cybersecurity