Entron Joined Renesas R-Car Consortium, Accelerate System Development with Industry Leading Technology and Solutions

Apr 23, 2024

Another milestone for Entron: we feel excited to be the member of Renesas R-Car Consortium!

As middleware/application developers, system integrators, development environment/tools vendors and engineering/manufacturing service provider, we firmly believe Renesas R-Car Consortium will brought substantial business opportunities for us to develop more world class functional safety and cybersecurity products.


The R-car Consortium is an open platform environment organized by Renesas, which  enables customers to quickly identify and engage with ecosystem partners,accelerate their innovation for the future mobility market, strengthening research and development for the various automotive applications.

Entron is dedicated to functional safety and cybersecurity solutions, we offer cutting-edge solutions and high-quality services in the global market. We firmly believe security would become the cornerstone for enterprise stability and the core guarantee for industrial development in the era of rapid digitalization. Entron prioritize functional safety and cybersecurity in the products and services, ensuring robust protection for our customers.

Based on highly reliable and technically advanced SoC from Renesas, Entron has successfully launched ECU003 controller(Renesas V3H inside), it coverswide applications  which requires imaging vision sensing, lidar/radar fusion, and AI processing. ECU003/Renesas V3H controller supports up to 6 machine vision/vision cameras, 2 remote displays, Lidar/Radar fusion, ethernet, CAN bus interfaces. With its excellent performance and stability, ECU003 enables Entron to rapidly develop efficient system products  such as MIK/DMS/CMS/ADASAVM. Considering comprehensive Al processing enabled spec of vision, lidar/radar fusion its unique functional safety and cybersecurity capability shall be easily expands applications from automotive to robotics, biomedical, agriculture, and other industrial segments, and even,  aerospace. We are open to looking all serious customers and partners, and wish this product shall serve you well.


Creation time:2024-04-08 09:35
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