Customer System Design 


Entron provides professional system design services tailored to customer needs, ensuring efficient, stable, and innovative solutions. We offer one-stop hardware integration, software development, and system testing/deployment services with high performance, reliability, and security.

Camera Module ODM



Entron offers ODM services with our expertise in design, R&D, and manufacturing. Our solutions ensure quality, cost-efficiency, and help customers to differentiate, compete, and succeed.

Imaging Characterization and Tuning



Entron offers imaging characterization and tuning services to optimize customers' imaging systems. With advanced equipment and expertise, we conduct detailed test and optimization to improve system performance and quality.

Software and Embedded Driver Development


Entron provides software and embedded driver development services, creating efficient, stable solutions tailored to customer needs. Our team offers full-process services, from design to testing, and customized solutions for OS, applications, and drivers. We help clients enhance product performance, user experience, and achieve technological and business growth.

Camera Reliability Test


Entron provides camera reliability testing, including temp cycle, vibration, and water resistance services. We help customers identify issues, optimize designs, and improve quality. We're committed to help customers succeed in the market.




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